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Our mission is to promote American competitors participating and prevailing at international rifle and shotgun practical shooting competitions.

Our goals are to grow the pool of International Practical Shooting Confederation – IPSC ready competitors across the US. And provide a fair and fun platform where performance data is comparable between competitors and those who participate are provided the opportunity to become recognized on a level playing field.

Executive Summary

The US Rifle Shotgun Challenge has been established to promote, improve, and advance IPSC style practical shooting in the USA. This site contains training information for all skill levels, how to get started, and a place to look at vendors who support the our mission.  Whether you are a new competitor or a seasoned veteran there is something here for everyone. 

More about our mission:

There is no cost to competitors or clubs who wish to participate, no clubs fees or dues, and you can do this on your own time, or at a club event. We have also gathered expert information in order for you to improve your mental and skillful approach to competitions. “Who doesn’t need that extra edge?” Kurt Miller, IPSC Gold Medalist

If you are interested in representing the US at a future IPSC World Shoot event the information in the links below can be used to help you create a winning skill set. Your efforts can be uploaded to the leaders board and compared to others in the division that you are competing in.

The US Rifle Shotgun Challenge will host a leaders board and video that you provide which demonstrates to selecting officials why you should be on a USA Team at the next WS.

Analytical data is hard to dispute. The Shotgun Challenge stages have been posted below. If your intent is to shoot the next Shotgun World Shoot then we would like for you to consider this opportunity. “An IPSC shotgun competitor can easily compete in 3 gun competitions but a 3 gunner cannot easily compete in an IPSC shotgun match.” Sterling White

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Meet the Companies that Specialize in IPSC shotguns, rifles, and specialized components.

If you are new, or a seasoned veteran, to IPSC, 3gun, practical shotgun or rifle we would like to welcome you to virtual gun show – aka all things guns, supplies, components, and range needs.